Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seasonal Foods I

The basics of healthy eating comprises of the following points:
ʥ Nutritious
ʥ Seasonal
ʥ Fresh
ʥ Appetizing
ʥ Offer a variety
ʥ Offers food combination
ʥ Moderation
ʥ Balance
Natural and unprocessed foods are much more nutritious then processed and packed foods for the simple reason that they come directly from mother nature without any chemicals and preservatives in them, thus helping us to remain in our natural state.
Eating according to what is available during the season is one of the best ways to live healthy. Eating seasonal foods helps our body to be balanced. During summers, we come across the juiciest fruits and vegetables. These help to cool the body and replace the lost fluids. These juicy fruits and vegetables are not available during winters or other seasons. Seasonal foods offer the best flavor, nutritional value, & are less expensive. Besides, they are great in freshness if they are locally grown.

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