Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning happens when you eat or drink something that has been contaminated with disease-causing bacteria, viruses, or parasites. It can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, fever, cramps, nausea and, in some cases, very serious illness. People tend to get sickest from contaminated foods when their immune systems are not strong enough to protect them, as in the very young, the elderly, or those with suppressed immune systems.
So how do you avoid food poisoning? The key is to keep naturally occurring organisms from growing and multiplying in your food. Harmful organisms multiply when the conditions are favorable, such as when:
• Food is left out at room temperature beyond safe time limits.
• Leftovers are not stored properly.
• Food is eaten when past its expiration date.
• Foods are not cooked adequately.
• Raw foods contaminate other foods.
• Milk or juices are unpasteurized.
• Foods, such as produce, are not washed.
The following food poisoniong treatment or remedies are simple to follow and you can get quick relief:
1.Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water before a meal to prevent acid indigestion.
2.Add three drops of garlic oil to half a cup of soya oil and rub onto the stomach after food.
3.Drink a herbal tea of mint, raspberry, camomile and blackberry.
4.Drink one cup of ginger tea after meals to promote a good digestion and for hearetburn, nausea, etc.
5.Eat some bread, says Julian Whitaker.Bread has a tendency to soak up the poison and can give you a quick relief.
6.Drink 2 tablespoons of undiluted apple cider vinegar (pasteurized).
7.Time is generally the best remedy. If you feel indigestion, or get sour burp, and/or loose motions, or for general stomach upsets, you can drink Jaljeera (a mixture of cumin, salt, asafetida and other herbs) 2-3 times. Let the poison get out of your body through vomitting or motions. First will throw poisonous foods and then water (Drink lots of water with sugar and salt). You should be alright in less than 24 hours. Start this treatment as soon as you start getting sour burps. You may drink mint essense (3-4 drops in water) after you eat in a restaurant or party or you have overeaten.
8.In most cases, the effective treatment is to lie down and drink plenty of bland fluids such as water, diluted fruit juice or light tea.

Note: it is important that you consult a doctor in case of food poisoning as it may become a serious health threat if neglected.

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