Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eat well Stay well!

Eat a variety of Nutrient rich foods. There are about 40 essential nutrients, which constitute a healthy diet. There are a few tips for top nutrition, which are vital for a healthy eating plan.
ʥ Stay away from Butter or cream based sauces.
ʥ The more processed the foods the more unhealthy it is, therefore opt for fresh veggies, fruits, grains, & pulses, which are baked, grilled or broiled.
ʥ Stay away from deep fried foods such as samosas, wadas, wafers etc.
ʥ Restrict your sugar and alcohol consumption as these contribute to empty calories.
ʥ Never skip your breakfast as its important to supply your body with energy at the start of the day.
ʥ Avoid junk food during snacks.Grab an apple instead of that french fries.
ʥ Switch from colas and other carbonated beverages to healthier beverages like green tea, coconut water or fruit juices.
ʥ If you are a meat eater, stick to lean meat. White meat as in chicken and fish is healthier. Make sure the fat is trimmed of the chops.
ʥ Drink lots of fluids to keep your system clean like coconut water, soups, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, or just the simple water shall do the trick.
ʥ Create a sacred space for eating. Eat your food in a quiet and uncluttered environment so that you can experience the food's essence and truly enjoy you food.
ʥ Do not starve yourself of the foods you are fond of. Eat your favorite high calorie foods in moderation and only sometimes.

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