Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dating Behavior- Decoded!

Girls and their eating habits always fascinate me! More often than not I have noticed that a girl’s eating behavior will change like a stripper’s costume when surrounded by different sets of people. 

So the other day I went out with one of my girlfriends and her new found boyfriend. This was one of those ‘meet my adorable-i-can’t-keep-my-hands-off-my-boyfriend-and-make-other-people-uncomfortable’, meeting. Anyway after the 2 hour and 38 minutes long and torturous dinner, I left the restaurant amused and confused. Now I love my friend a lot (sans the boyfriend) but I couldn't help but notice the way she fed herself during the dinner. Now we have shared a hostel room together and I remember her binging habits distinctively well. But she was a complete different person at the dinner. She barely ate! My shock started setting in when she ordered soup instead of starters, salad for meal and a fruit plate for dessert. Thankfully the boyfriend left before the dinner could get over and then came out the truth and to my relief, some human food of steaks and sizzlers.
I later realized that this is not a very uncommon phenomenon amongst girls, especially when they are around people who matter or people whom they are trying to impress. But let’s give them a benefit of doubt; we all do weird stuff to impress people and create a pretty picture of ourselves. I honestly have always been a fan of weirdness, but this… this is stupidity!
Here’s my advice- Be weird, even stupid, but back it up with enough ammo. Ladies when you have to go on a date, and you know you’ll be judged on your ordering choices, (well my first advice would be to not go on that date, but let’s go with the second advice) pre eat well in advance to avoid binging later on. This is a simple trick which works beautifully.  Say you have an 8 o’clock date, eat some salads, juice and fruits at about 6.30, so that you feel satiated. Now this one is a ‘look stunning your date’ tip- On the day of your date, go for all raw diet the whole day. Salads, soups, fruits, juices and plenty of water. This will make your stomach flatter and give you a flattering skin too ;)
During the date, go for wine, preferably red, instead of Beer or any malt/ barley drinks. Pick one favorite item that you must eat from the 3 course meal of starters, main course and dessert. Say you want to eat the fruit ice cream as dessert, you then go light on the dinner and starters.  Have small portions of each meal. Go for grilled/ smoked or stir fry and don’t be shy to share:)
Lastly, a special secret tip for guys on a date. You do not have to feel guilty when the girl orders a lean meal; you go ahead and order the most wholesome meal you possibly can. Chances are the girl will get thrown by your confidence and she’ll also know that you have a fat wallet!

P.S: I too am a girl, in case you got thrown off by all the ‘these girls’ ‘these woman’ sentences!

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