Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why I love Weddings! (Read the article before Judging me)

Ok so yes i am writing after what seems like a decade to me. And ok I admit this has also been my opening
line in most of the posts. But honest to god i have been extremely busy planning my life. And you would be happy to know that after months of struggle i have managed to conclude that planning really is crappy exercise to kill quality time, and that it should only be left to corporate strategy makers for the never ending boardroom discussions ,because hey, lets face it, they get paid for it!

Any ways let me not set the tone of the article as frustrating. Moving on to what i actually did in the past few months. I happen to attend a lot of weddings..a hell lot (read half-wardrobe-now-filled-with-clothes-i-would-never-wear Lot) Now don't judge me for being judgmental but i hate the whole paraphernalia surrounding Weddings. The extravagant obnoxiously priced outfits, the meeting of distant relatives whom you wish never existed, the fake hello how are you, you have grown so big (like thats against nature), the fake muah muahs, you get the tone. But one thing i love about the wedding is the  pre- prep that goes behind the making. And i am Not talking about the shopping and card printing, I am talking about the phase where the bride and the groom get on to the  mission of ..WEIGHT LOSS!

Now i really don't understand the point of trying to get in shape just because one is getting married. I mean isn't the whole point of getting married that you take the other person in health and sickness? Anyways, it still heartens the fitness freak in me, a little that at least there are 2 more people in this world, at this particular time, who are trying to get fitter (Always find a silver lining in every negative thing- check)

What dissapoints me a wee bit more (apart from the short term fitness fad) is that, in a hurry to lose weight, people go on all sorts of crazy diets and start expecting wonders. While the crash diet might even work, you actually loose a lot of muscle mass, feel weak and end up looking much older than you actually are. All thanks to lack of nutrition which is much needed by your skin and hair as well. So all you pretty brides to be, you don't wana look 5 years older on your D-day do you?

Here is what i would rather suggest. What people don't understand is that getting into shape is not by just not -not eating, on the contrary its actually eating all the time. Remember the good old diet rule of eating small meals 5-6 times a day? Well that is a rule for a reason- because that works. And trust me if you have 4-6 months time in your hand, this kind of a diet and a good workout plan will actually work wonders for your weight and your skin.
As far as diet is concerned, cut all the whites out (bread, maida, rice,sago etc) include a whole lot of fruits (read less calories for your body but loads of antioxidant and vitamins for a luscious skin), Eat as much raw vegies as you can. Replace caffeine with green tea, go very low on sweets (only to be later forcefully fed by your delightful relatives at your wedding), drink atleast 3-4 ltrs of water (coz no detox diet works better than flushing down your toxins with plenty of water). Remember this Rule of ratio- Proteins: Carbs: Fats- 3:2:0.5 (strictly for those who are on a weight loss diet). Most important of all, bring a change in your diet every fortnight and especially at that juncture where your weight refuses to go down further after losing a little. This change could be anything, like changing your snack timings, introducing salads as dinners, high liquid diet or cutting down that one favorite sinful delight you just can't stay without (yes with great body comes great sacrifice...umm Did i just revamp Spiderman's quote?!)

Do not forget exercise. This has always been my mantra. Never ever let diet alone play a part in your weight loss, you lose muscle mass which make you look saggy older and weaker. Exercise in some way- go for a run, hit the gym if that is convenient, go for brisk walks, do yoga, pilates, take a dance class, join a sport- there are endless ways to get fit, you just have to explore them. And trust me with all the wedding stress and anxiety , you could really take the happy hormone endorphin's help which gets released as a result of workout :)

So to all my beautiful ladies and all the dashing debonaire men, hope you take a leaf out of this article and not go insane in the battle against weight. And for God's sake don't let your heart sink if you are not able to achieve what you aimed for; the expensive facials and spa treatments will any ways make you look your best on the D day! And oh yes your going to be spouse's love will help too :)

Note to self:  never write a blog about marriages again. Their population is on the higher side and you might get seriously hurt.