Sunday, October 9, 2011

For the Love Of Meat!

Everyday you come across tabloids and articles attacking you with gyan of how you should not have meat and chicken, and why it’s a better option to go green and turn to vegetarianism. Honestly I am tired of reading such stuff. I have reached a mental block stage where when ever I read headlines like ‘go vegetarian’ or  ‘ban non-veg’ – because to me its more of a fad rather than being a logical explaination to a drastic shift in your diet.
Now I am saying all this because I have been on the swing of off and on non veg. I had quit non-veg for four years (honestly! And been successful in that). It had been pretty difficult for me considering the hard core meat lover that I was. But trust me I din’t do it for health reasons, it was a personal choice. But 4 years, 6 kilos less(when I was in need of gaining some of it), weakness and constant bouts of fever and ill health was what was needed to wake me up to reality and tell me that “Don’t mess with your metabolism”.
Now for all the non-veg lovers, flesh is not all that bad . Seriously no need to quit non veg just coz someone else feels ite the right way to control your eating habits because trust me this trick does not work for everyone and more-so-over there are plenty of health reasons for not quitting non veg.. Heres telling you why:

  •  There are innumerable health benefits of eating meat, for example it serves as a fabulous source of high quality protein, which a single vegetarian food is not able to provide. it contains all the essentiall amino acids that the body requires.
  • the phosphorus content present in meat gets much more easily absorbed than that present in cereals and legumes. this is owing to the fact that cereals and legumes contain phosphorus usually in the form of phytic acid that must be hydrolyzed before absorption. Meat also serves as the main source for the intake of Vitamin B12.
  •  Fish, especially the small varieties are a rich source of calcium.Egg-white is good source of protein and easily digested and chicken is the best low fat high-protein food (benefit alert: low fat high protein helps you loose fat and again lean mass)
Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the decision depends on various factors such as cultural or dietary habits of the family, personal preference, taste and avoidance of certain foods for health reasons. Whatever the case, a well-balanced diet supplying proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals should be taken.
And keeping the theme of the post alive,  no need to chicken out on that chicken just because a fancy post in the health magazine says so!

P.S: My apologies for not posting anything for almost a year (gosh that's long i don't even have a believable excuse for it ) but just to justify, blog hacking + laziness to re-activate+ password loss etc etc..kept me away from my 1st love.


  1. Awesome... now we can eat meat guilt free

  2. well written article lady , thanks ..can u post some of your insights on pup nutrition , if you have some info...


  3. @Skinnme: thanks a lot.
    @Anonymous: writing about pup nutrition is a good thought.will definitely write something on that, Being a dog lover myself. Thanks for the tip:)

  4. hello..Nice post.Each and every day,I feel ,'from tomorrow',i will turn into a vegeterian'...After reading this article of yours,I really feel its not required...And the best line was the last line of ur post...