Thursday, June 3, 2010

My First Love

For me it was like love at first sight, I knew that this is the one for me the moment i saw it; and  from then on there is no looking back I don't remember how old I was when I fel in love, but I do know that I was very young to understand things like love or attraction.  Like every other indian mother, my mother too was very concerned with my growing fondness at such an early age. Their were logical concerns, but somehow these things never bothered me. I guess true love is blind and  knows no boundaries.
I am talking about my love with TEA! Seriously I was stoo young when i started having it and I remember how people bad mouthed it all the time, saying that it has negative effects on health and stuff like that. I was too young to say anything that time, but now that I am all grown up, sensible and capable of defending in this case my love I would not leave any stone unturned!
1st of all Women who drink three cups of tea a day may be protecting themselves against heart attacks and strokes. They are less likely to have plaques - dangerous build-ups of fat and cholesterol - in their arteries, researchers found. Only around one third of women who drank three or more cups of tea a day had plaques in a neck artery, compared with almost half of those who drank no tea.there goes my 1st defence.
2ndly contrary to popular belief that drinking tea weakens your teeth, the flouride present in tea actually helps you to strenghten your teeth and protects from plague and brittle teeth.
3rdly teas like green and white tea , contain a very good amount of polyphenols which are very good antioxidants-which means good bye wrinklles cancer and CV diseases.
4thly tea contains very less of caffeine (which dehydrates the body) as compared to coffee. Another reason to pick up a cup of tea rather than that big mug of coffee.
I believe I have defende my love sufficiently enough. But yes this does'nt mean that you go overboard with it and keep drinking tea all day long. Obsession with anything can be fatal too.
So cheers to tea


  1. I love the article. I have just started drinking Green tea or some form of green tea. I do like the taste. Not too strong, not too sharp, and not too bland. I enjoyed your writing.

  2. Hi Akansha!

    Ha, Ha! The title of your post and first paragraph cause curiosity and attract readers to continue and find out how healthful tea can be.
    Well done!
    Enjoyed your writing style and helpful information.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi,
    1st of all my apologies for late response.

    Sharon: I am so glad u liked the article. Even I have just started of with green tea as a substitute to my coffee and I am quite enjoying it now:)

  4. Ken: ha ha..I thot this would be a nice way of drilling down the fact..
    happy that it got you interested.. will keep posting now more.