Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zeroing down at 'Size Zero'

Size zero, size zero, size zero...seems to be the buzz word everywhere, whether its the bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor who just got famous because of it, or Louise Redknapp who dieted till she starved to get into a size zero! The fad is spreading out fast ( or maybe I am a liltle wrong at saying 'spreading' because it has already spread and is now killing people around!)

I am sure by now everyone knows about the size zero; and even those who prefer to remain untouched by the 'health world terms' have a fair idea as to what it is..thanks to our celebraties. So I really won't bother to talk about that here.What really amuses me is that how fast people get carried away by such fads and become desperate to achieve a phsique like their much hyped celeb idols!I have come across various  perfectly healthy people come up to me and beg and plead to shell out the secret of getting into a size '0', and i find myself a little 'word deficient' when I want to tell them that You are madIt's plain stupid, I would say to, to want to achieve something worse when you already have the best.Celebs, I can still understand, not because it is harmless for them  but because -
a. They have a cut throat competition around and being a good actor is just not enough.
b. They do not have to travel in rush hour by trains, or do any laborious work- they have helpers for everything.
c. It works as a free and the best PR tool for them; and finally
d. They get paid for it !

So it's irrelevant for the common realistic people to even want to achieve such insensible aims in life! It will only leave them struggling with food and exercise, or impatient, or depressed or in worst case fatter if you succumb to binging! We also hear news about celebs suffering anorexia nervosa and bulimia due to the killing competition, yet this evil doesn't seem to drill in our heads. We only like to be associated with the more socially appealing and acceptable ways.

We have better things to do in life than being stick things and looking like hangers in the wardrobe.Why don't we aim for more realistic and achievable things like eating healthy and staying fit, by simple everyday measure of keeping a check on our diet and making sure that include little bit of exercise in our schedule.
So forget the size zero, the curves are back ladies...ask any man and he would second me! 

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