Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your Health Is In Your Hands

In our day to day life where most of us don’t even have the time to breathe, we often tend to forget one of the most important aspects of our life….food…no no, not food, our eating habit! We are in a constant pursuit of meeting targets and meeting deadlines, and in this fast life, many of us have resorted to the simpler way of having meals and that is Fast Food; which according to me is the fastest way to all our health problems.

There are actually some easy ways through which we can inculcate good eating habits. Some simple health tips which can be easily adapted by us in our busy lifestyle:

  • Spread your meals-have 4-5 meals a day. Eating throughout the day causes stable moods and a healthier metabolism. You can include food items like sprouts, skim milk, fruits and fresh fruits. Avoid cola drinks, burgers, chips, candy bars and fried foods.
  • Have your breakfast: Literally translated it means “Breaking the fast”& supplies energy to the body for the day. So it is the most important meal of the day. Those who eat breakfast consume fewer calories than those who skip it. It Increases concentration and problem solving ability. Always have a nutritious breakfast, as the body is most receptive to nutrition during this time.
  • Healthy snacking:Choose wisely: Snacking becomes integral part of our diet and it is during this meal when we tend to binge on to extra calories. Substitute those fried French fries with something healthier like roasted nuts or khakra; skip the colas and coffee and sip the juice.
  • Eat as much natural and raw foods as possible. Consume seasonal foods because they are at their maximum nutritious value during this time.
  • Drink atleast 10-12 glasses of water every day. This helps to flush out the toxins and also helps in the process of fat metabolism.

Apart from the above general good eating habits its also important to Exercise regularly. Join fitness program combine with cardio, strength training and stretching for a balanced approach. Learn how body will gain strength and improve mood and sleep patterns. If joining a gym or yoga classes sounds like too much work, make easier options in your daily life- take stairs instead of elevator, use public transport and walk till the stop (will be better for your monthly budget too!),walk while you are on the phone, stretch yourself every 30 minutes during your work etc.

Habits matter! The choices you make each day impact your body and effect how you feel. It can feel difficult to make right choices, but mostly it is just our ideas that make it seem hard. As you follow your own inner wisdom, you will find that it gets easier. Instead of forcing yourself to do the “right” thing, you are able to tune in to what works for you.

On a final note I would only like to say : Your body is the only place you have to live so take care of it!

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